Saturday, 15 November 2008

IllustrationFriday: 'Pretend'

Here is my image for IF's topic 'Pretend'.
I'm not sure really where this image came from. It started out as the idea of a squirrel dressed up as a duck (with flippers and a tied-on beak), stood amidst a crowd of unsuspecting ducks and grinning. Then, the duck-dressed squirrel standing ankle-deep in a pond with a single, sceptical duck - the caption for the squirrel being simply 'Quack?'.
Then I put the squirrel in a tree, still dressed as a duck. Which made no sense - so i dressed him as a monster, and had him startling another squirrel. Because squirrels are so skittish, i thought it would be funnier if the other squirrel was simply bored.
And then it seemed funny if the monster costume was removed altogether. Apart from the feet.
And I was more-or-less left with the above image. Which i still find funny, although now I'm really far from sure what the joke is.....
The squirrel pretending is called Gary in tribute to Gary Larson.

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is so funny! LOL it really great play with the word.