Saturday, 1 May 2010

Illustration Friday: Cocoon

Here's my image for 'Cocoon'.
It immediately brought the idea of change to mind. This idea and image arose from the feeling of possibly being on the brink of a big change, but not knowing where life is heading. And not being sure what changes are occurring, and what they might engender.
Sometimes it can feel like a risk, leaving behind the world you know in the hope of something new, and you can get caught between wanting things to stay the same, and wanting them to change.
I'm not sure why it came out so creepy, though.
Maybe thats just what its like inside my head.


giantgreenbean said...

very intimidating... i would not want to run across that any time...any place...what so ever... i love it!

Linda Hensley said...

The future is unknown and can be scary. Nice job. I also like your illustration for "linked"

loonybinart said...

i love the ominous feel of this illustration