Saturday, 11 September 2010

Illustration Friday: Proverb

After a bit of a break during which I frantically tried to meet a deadline whilst forgetting to sleep or eat, I return to IF with a welcoming and delicious theme for me to sink my brainteeth into.
The proverb in question is 'A Cat may look at a King' which sprang immediately to mind, as it always paints such intriguing pictures in my headhole. I originally intended to have a wee timid King perched fearfully on his throne, from underneath which an enormous, monstrous moggy glared at him.
I love the way the pen (or electronic pen-substitute) can develop a mind of its own as you draw, and all of a sudden you are a million miles away from your original idea.
And this was the result. A little rough n' ready, as the more I worked on it the more I was ruining it so I decided to quit whilst I was ahead. The title of the piece is:
'A Cat must look at a King (every once in a while)'

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JLEdna said...

Your stuff is really good, dude. Awesome. :)