Monday, 11 April 2011

Illustration Friday: Bottled

This week, I thought I'd upload a photo of one of my paintings. Seeing as I love to paint bottles, this week's topic seemed the perfect reason to do so. I spent one and a half years painting bottles in college, then a further year painting bottles in art college, and ever since then all I've painted is bottles. Bottles are cool.

To upload the photo was a simple process involving my digital camera and then a ninety-minute long search for the correct USB cable. I keep all my USB cables, SCART and AV leads, adaptors and so on and so on in one big drawer. So I know exactly where to look whenever I need one, and then its just a question of sifting until I find what I need. Until today, when out-turning the entire contents of the drawer still didn't bring the correct cable to light. So I checked the drawer where I keep the camera.... but no cigar there either. So I bimbled about with increasing frustration checking drawers, and the bits under drawers, and the places down behind the backs of drawers. Eventually, in exasperation, I stormed up to the attic and whipped out my camera bag, and there it was nestled snugly against my Nikon. A digital SLR which, I might add, uses a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT connecting cable. So my question is: what on earth was the point? What was I thinking when I put the cable there?

It has been suggested that behaviour like this is directly linked to the fact that I'm a man.

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LDahl said...

Beautiful beautiful bottles!
I go crazy with all the cables..etc..I try to be logical about where I put the different bits of digital life, but honestly I think they crawl around in the night and snigger when I can't find them.